We aim to help students assume their role as responsible citizens in their community.


Enduring Understandings

  • Geography influences a community’s culture and development
  • Nations and regions around the world can be analyzed spatially using maps, images, and models
  • Geography influences the crops and natural resources grown and found in regions around the world.
  • Knowledge of the past helps one understand the present and make decisions about the future.
  • Communities change over time politically, socially, and technologically.
  • Over time people have adapted to and impacted their environment.
  • Individuals and groups within a community can impact their social and political systems with new inventions, ideas, and art forms.
  • When cultures meet there are exchanges, which have both positive and negative consequences.
  • Cultures form their own religions, holidays, celebrations, and traditions.
  • Governments are in charge of addressing the basic needs of the people in a society.
  • People have different jobs and responsibilities in their community.