The Martin L. Mathews Award, given at graduation each year, is named for Martin Mathews, co-founder of Mathews-Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club, whose inspiration made City Academy possible. It is awarded to a student or students who exemplify his exceptional leadership and citizenship while demonstrating academic integrity. The 2021 recipients, chosen by City Academy faculty, are Whitney Gross and Tyler Younger. The sixth grade teachers shared these words about each of these amazing scholars when presenting their awards:

Whitney Gross

“A leader who goes the extra mile in both her studies and being a school ambassador, this scholar has taken her role as a City Academy student seriously and has heightened her pursuit for excellence even more so this year. 

Having academic relentlessness, this scholar does not stop asking for help until she understands. This includes asking to meet with teachers on the weekends, asking for more practice problems or sacrificing her recess time if necessary. 

Any time she’s been asked to assist, she has always said yes, even one time with a mere two hours’ notice for a Zoom meet with a potential donor. Manners matter and exchanging pleasantries such as thank you come second nature to this scholar. 

Humble and empathetic, she’s the unassuming one who takes compliments with grace and asks how people are feeling after they’ve returned from an illness.

Involved in the life of the class, she cares about community service and was a leader in helping to implement and advertise the WE Shoe Initiative.  Sociable she is a friend to all, so much so when she was physically absent and Zoom in for morning meeting, her peers rushed to the computer screen to greet her. 

Poised, kind, charismatic, and conscientious, faculty and staff have doted on this young lady for some time. Congratulations to one of this year’s Martin Mathews Award recipients, Whitney Gross.” 

Tyler Younger

Someone once stated, “Invest a few moments in thinking, it will pay good interest later.” This student  has been quite the silver lining during such a year of uncertainty and ambiguity, yet he has invested more than a few moments, but has indeed invested his time, his commitment, his zest and zeal from miles and miles afar while still fulfilling our mantra of “Being your best, by doing your Best”. There are so many layers to him; he is inquisitive, respectful, and congenial  with all adults; especially his teachers.  

Equally inspiring, is this scholar’s drive to understand.  A well- known questions of which his teachers can attest to from this recipient is, “So sorry to bother you, but I’m just seeking clarity”, as he relishes in  acquiring new opportunities for learning. He questions, he inspires, he competes, he cares.  Always a live wire, he is extremely methodical, as he carefully probes at concepts whether in science, math or literature with his drive for mastery.

City Academy has been honored to touch many students’ lives over the years, but once in a while, you meet a student that stands out, and over the years he has stood out in stature, but even more so in his limitless academic  potential and social interaction. He represents the best attributes of humanity and the ultimate force of good imaginable. It gives great pleasure to present Mr. Tyler Younger with the Martin-Mathew Award for his outstanding growth, resilience and his fortitude to thrive in spite of adversity.”

Congratulations Tyler & Whitney, we are so proud to have you as City Academy Alumni and excited to see what you do next!

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