Good morning, my name is Chantell Johnson. Before I go on to my next journey at Lutheran North, I would like to share with you something I have taken interest in for most of my life. I truly enjoy my artistic skills, but much like I have done over the years as a student, I wanted to challenge myself. And today, I am proud to share my self-portrait that required specific color blends, strokes and effort.

This portrait depicts a young lady uniquely crafted; wearing confidence on her shoulders. Her smile reveals all of her successes and moments of despair. I’ve had many, but my successes have definitely outweighed my failures. Her golden brown eyes, tells the story of all of the challenging novels she was able to dissect over the years, while her arms; strong and mighty, tells of the strength it took to work carefully at accomplishing complex tasks and projects. My mouth you may ask? My mouth tells of my humorous nature; how I am able to make others smile. And my, brain which is not quite featured, shares my abilities to take risks and make thoughtful contributions.

If I would have drawn this self-portrait three years ago, it would tell a different story. So I extend gratitude to all of my teachers for your passion and belief in me. To my family, my twin sister Chontell, and my dear friend Joy, thank you for supporting me in more ways than one. Lastly to myself, you did it! You worked hard, pushed through, conquered fear and set limitless boundaries for yourself. YOU ROCK, Chantell! Thank You!

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