We are fortunate to have amazing alumni who know the importance of giving back to the community. This summer, twenty City Academy alumni are volunteering and interning at our summer program, Summer at City. Many of these young alumni return to the school to pay it forward to the next generation of City Academy students. These alumni are volunteering in classrooms, on field trips, in the administration office and development department.

One alumnus who is interning this summer is Kendrick Smith ’08 (Chaminade ’14). Kendrick is our Communications Intern and is assisting us in sharing Summer at City stories. He is serving as our in-house photographer and videographer, as well as our social media specialist. In the fall, Kendrick will begin his junior year at the University of Missouri where he is studying digital storytelling. Kendrick is excited to be part of the first class of students at Mizzou who are majoring in this new field.

Kendrick dreams of writing and producing films. He has written and produced a few short videos including “The Gift of Ignorance.” This video was created for his digital storytelling class and shows the great skills that Kendrick is lending us for the summer.

By volunteering at City Academy this summer, Kendrick is paying it forward to current students. He tells our students that City Academy prepared him for secondary school and college by the academic rigor and the abundance of books in our library. His love for storytelling began to develop at City Academy. “There are countless stories out there waiting to be discovered,” says Kendrick. “I’m thankful that City Academy taught me to love reading.”

We appreciate Kendrick and all of our alumni who are volunteering and interning at City Academy this summer. They are truly showing our current students what it means to make a difference in the community. We could not ask for better role models!

Learn more about our alumni program and the impact our graduates are making in the St. Louis community:

City Academy Alumni

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    Michelle on July 6, 2016

    Awesome!! I love my City Academy family.

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