Buddy Morning sponsor, 2e Creative, with their buddies (pictured above)

Buddy Morning is a great opportunity for corporate groups and individuals to spend quality time with a City Academy student. Twice a year, community partners, donors, supporters, and volunteers spend one-on-one time with a student and experience what makes our school so special. These buddies participate in a learning activity together and create a great friendship with their student buddy.

City Academy hosted the 21st bi-annual Buddy Morning on October 6, 2016, which brought in 111 attendees from the community. Each participant (or “buddy”) was paired with a scholar and had the opportunity to build a relationship through educational activities. Second grade buddies participated in the Marshmallow Challenge- buddies had to work together to build a tower out of dried pasta, marshmallows, and tape. A set amount of each item was provided, and the buddies with the tallest tower won the challenge. This activity is similar to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) activities that students participate in daily at City Academy.

First time attendee, Bonita Jamison, participated in the Marshmallow Challenge. Bonita said that she most enjoyed “interacting with my buddy around a project that fostered critical thinking, collaboration, and conversation about school and interests. I had a great time at Buddy Morning.”

bonita-jamieson-and-patrick-pierceBonita and her student buddy participating in the Marshmallow Challenge

Buddy Morning attendees are both individual supporters and community partners of City Academy. Many attend because they are able to see first-hand the exceptional education and community transformation that is taking place at City Academy. In fact, many individuals attend so often that they are called Super Buddies! These Super Buddies have attended at least five Buddy Mornings, and many are paired with the same student each time.

All of our buddies had a great experience at the October Buddy Morning. If you or a community group are interested in attending the next Buddy Morning on April 19, 2017, 8:30-10 a.m, contact us: rsvp@cityacademyschool.org


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