In addition to cutting edge collaboration and integration of the five STEAM fields into classroom learning, the STEAM program includes experiential learning in the community through field trips that help students build bridges between classroom learning and real world applications. Generous support from the Monsanto Fund (now the Bayer Fund) has made these field trips possible.

The fifth and sixth grade science classes were very busy upon their return from spring break. Field trips were scheduled to three different STEAM-related institutions here in Saint Louis. Because of City Academy’s incredible Board of Trustee members, students had a chance to tour Express Scripts, Emerson, and Bayer. All three companies employ individuals with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, art and math. These tours were a chance for students to explore different STEAM careers and relate what they are doing in the classroom to the real world.

It was an absolute pleasure to host the City Academy scholars recently at the Express Scripts Pharmacy!  During the tour, the students were engaged, curious, and amazed to see first-hand how STEM plays a critical role in our pharmacy operations.  Following the tour, each student described their favorite part of the tour.  Express Scripts is proud to support City Academy! Kerrigan Kaplan Senior Director, Federal Division, Express Scripts

The visit to Express Scripts gave the students a chance to see the robotics used to fill thousands of prescriptions for the Department of Defense. At Emerson, students toured an engineering facility that designs and builds customized structures that contain automated systems for power plants. The tour at Bayer exposed students to state of the art greenhouses that mimic growing conditions all over the world. Mitchell Smith, a fifth grader at City Academy and member of the robotics club, was surprised by all the automation at Express Scripts. “I was impressed with how complicated everything looked, but how smoothly it ran.”

The Bayer team enjoyed hosting City Academy students for a visit, while providing them the opportunity to see a variety of STEM-related jobs in action. The students were polite, engaged and creative as they experienced their tour and a hands-on learning activity that allowed them to work as a team on real-world problem solving. Our future is in good hands with these City Academy students!   –  Michelle Insco, Bayer Fund Program Officer

5th & 6th Grade Students at Bayer

The STEAM program has been arranging tours and trips like these for the last four years. During this time they have visited companies like Bayer (Monsanto), Missouri S & T, Sigma Aldrich, Express ScriptsWashington University, Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute, Emerson and the Danforth Plant Science Center. It is so important to build partnerships with members of the local community so students can begin to make connections that can impact their future at City Academy and beyond.

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