staff fisher judyThe key word here is entirely. As an educator, we teach students that such words used in an answer are not to be valued or considered. Eliminate that answer. Reformulate the question. To devise an answer to the replacement of reading and writing with another technology, one has to consider early memories.

Preschool reading elicits a feeling of connection, safety, wonder and imagination. Curled up next to a parent or sitting on an assigned school mat, the wonder of words and pictures transforms the everyday life into a world of personal conceptualization and creativity. Listening to stories as a child allows one to dream and formulate a personal account and tale; it also facilitates the warmth of human connection–a characteristic paramount to child development. Listening leads to a drive to become a reader and the independence of selective engagement in a chosen space and time.

There was no better place to read than lounging on the radiator in my parent’s house, or staying in bed on a weekend forgoing breakfast in anticipation of resolution. The final complement to listening and reading? Writing. There are many readers; but there are few skilled writers who tease the vision, inspire the eye and elicit innovations. As educators our job is to create a masterpiece of vision within the brain of learners. Today’s technology can entertain. Tomorrow’s technology may do more. But it all starts with listening, reading and writing.

Written by Judy Fisher

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