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“We need to be good stewards of our land. There are little things we can do to make a huge difference.” – Ann Luciani, Early Childhood STEAM Teacher

In honor of Earth Day, City Academy students have spent the last few weeks in nature. They have been creating anti-litter posters and collecting trash around City Academy. Though today is a day we celebrate nationwide, for our students, “Earth Day is every day,” says Ann Luciani, Early Childhood STEAM Teacher. In an attempt to effect change and help keep St. Louis City clean, students wrote letters to Mayor Krewson.

It all started when students went outside to study water flows. As students looked at the lowest point of water flow, they suddenly noticed all the trash. The conversation quickly shifted. Students were sad and passionate about what happens when trash gets into the water.

Ann hoped that students would understand the difference they could make, whether it be from them not polluting themselves or organizing actions to be taken. “In these matters, we really can make a difference,” remarked Ann.

Seeing her students’ passion in this matter, Ann prompted them with three questions: What’s the problem? How do you feel about it? What can we do about it?

Ann and her students discussed who could influence the situation. They ultimately asked themselves, Who loves St. Louis more than anyone?” The answer? Mayor Lyda Krewson! The students then wrote letters to Mayor Krewson.

Dear Mayor Krewson…

Sixth Graders Derrick and Al-Amin
Students reading their letters in class
Students reading their Dear Mayor Krewson letters

Kindergarten students and sixth graders worked together to write letters to Mayor Krewson. They wrote about the litter they see in North St. Louis City on a daily basis. While kindergarten students focused on how the trash makes them feel, sixth graders took a different approach.

Sixth grade students not only focused on the problem, but also problem-solved and came up with solutions. Many solutions included working together with other organizations and businesses in North City to clean-up the trash. Sixth graders then went outside and helped to clean up the litter around the school.

Sixth grade students cleaning up trash around City Academy

City Academy students are proud of their communities. They want to see North St. Louis City thrive. As our students become leaders in their communities, they want St. Louis to be the best that it can be.

Kindergarten student, Izzie, reading her letter to Mayor Krewson

Sixth grader, Ryan, reading her letter to Mayor Krewson

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