by JaKenzie Brown ’16 (MICDS ’22)

One day in 2008, I heard my mom scream. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Obama is the President of the United States!” she exulted. “He will be the first black president.” Before then, for 119 years, there wasn’t a single black president.

Four years ago, I was eight years old. When I came to City Academy, I was shy, anxious and only talked to a few people. Over the years, that part of me diminished. I’ve spoken to many visitors and dug up the courage to sing and rap in our original song, “Color of Love.” My handwriting has even improved.

This I believe: change is good. Change is what gives us courage and inspires us to better ourselves. Change is what makes the difference between today and yesterday; and the difference between today and tomorrow. The evolution of mankind is hinged on change and is the reason why we aren’t the way we were five years ago. It’s also why we’ll be different five years in the future.

Change is good because it improves us. It lets us expand our knowledge and enhance our technology. It’s change that happens when we invent artificial limbs, robotic surgery, and different types of medicine.

I know change is good so I’ve started to change myself. I stopped hoarding old notebooks, binders, and Happy Meal toys. I have a better work ethic. I use to complete my homework just to get it out of the way. Now I put my best foot forward by proofreading and adding more detail. I have come to believe in myself more than I ever did before.

My classmates and I have changed immensely over the years. That’s what this graduation is about: us changing from immature children to young adults. This I believe: change is necessary.

JaKenzie pictured with Don Danforth and Marybeth Huff

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One comment on “Change Gives Us Courage”

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    Nathan Jackson on July 12, 2016

    You have inspired me right at this instant in my life. I was feeling low. Not because I’m sad but because of the effort it takes to be happy.

    It takes hard work and dedication. A great and positive mental attitude, a strong belief in who you are in the Savior. And you too will do great things. Like your ancestry, your dad, mom, uncle, grandpa, and cousin. Like me.

    Your mom texted me this link. And that’s why I love you.

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