City Academy was recently honored by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) by being featured in their blog post, “Restoring the American Dream.” This was written by John Chubb (former President of NAIS who passed away in November 2015) and discusses how the American dream is at risk. We may all agree that everyone in America should have equal opportunity to get ahead, but there are certain barriers associated with geographic location and income that makes this unrealistic for many Americans today. However, City Academy is making great strides to restore the American dream by transforming children, families, and the St. Louis community.

We realize, as Mr. Chubb notes in his post, that “outside of the family itself, schools are the strongest influences on children’s lives. School can provide community and impart values. Schools can instill grit and self-confidence. Schools can provide skills not only to students but to their families.” At City Academy, we often refer to our student body as a family because we know the impact that we have on our scholars and alumni.

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Viewing City Academy as a family is also recognized by school visitors. In October, City Academy went through our accreditation process with the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). At the end of the three day visit by the accreditation team, the preliminary report stated that “City Academy is family to every student while they are walking the halls every day.”

This sense of family allows our students to be part of an inclusive environment where they receive excellent educational opportunities in a supportive environment. Your support of the school’s educational programs and high standards provide scholars and their families with the opportunity to dream and dream big. In a time where “the American Dream has become little more than a dream for so many disadvantaged kids, it is beyond heartening to see school doing everything that these children need,” says John Chubb. “City Academy is doing all of these things – and demonstrating the significant role that independent schools can play in restoring the dream for all.”

Click here to read “Restoring the American Dream” by John Chubb

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