We are thrilled to offer social studies to students in grades second through sixth grade. Through a diverse study of different countries, cultures and religions, students form a broader view of the world while recognizing their own unique place. Our approach to social studies goes beyond the textbook as lessons are based on discussion, critical thinking and analysis. The first six weeks of the school year have been filled with great projects in our social studies classes!

Students have been exploring the world through maps, brochures, and the classroom’s brand new SMART board. Each class has been using this technology to locate City Academy on Google Maps and finding our global address! As second and third graders read Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney, they became more familiar with their place on the map. They enjoyed cutting and identifying their city, state, country, and continent for their Me on the Map activity. These students will spend the next few weeks looking closely specifically at St. Louis and Missouri.

View of City Academy from Google Maps

Students in grades 4th – 6th have been sharpening their research skills and challenging themselves to be creative as they begin brochure projects. Fourth graders were able to choose any state in the U.S.A., while fifth and sixth graders were given the option to choose anywhere in the world. Students loved getting the opportunity to choose their area of research! Students utilized books, atlases, handouts, and internet access to find required information for each brochure. The students were so proud of their work.

3rd – 4th Grade Me on the Map Project

We’re looking forward to a great school year as students continue to discover the world around them!

erinn Written by Erin McDonough, Social Studies Specialist

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