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With the holidays approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about how blessed I am. And how I really don’t need a thing. (Especially since I have a December birthday, so I’ve just received gifts.)

So I’ve decided to “donate my holiday” to City Academy.

The money that my friends and family spend every year on earrings, candles and sweaters is greatly appreciated. But it could do so much more (for many more people) if it were turned into a robotics kit for the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) program or a class field trip.

I believe that education is the answer to almost any problem. City Academy provides a first-class education to kids who go on to thrive and lead their communities.

I can’t think of a better cause.

I urge you to think about “donating” your holiday or your birthday to City Academy this year, too.

You know your friends and family are starting to stress about finding the perfect gift for you. Why not make it easy for them?

Just let them know that you’d like “dissection supplies” and see how they react.

Seriously, though. Here are some of the things that your gifts could provide to City Academy students:

  • $25= 2 Library Books
  • $75= Violin Bow and Case
  • $100= PE Equipment
  • $250 = Class Field Trip
  • $500 = Dissection Supplies
  • $1,000 = Robotics Materials

Think about it. Before they go out and buy you another kitchen gadget, ask to donate your holiday to City Academy.

I wish you a lovely holiday season!

 Julie Wood | Volunteer and Marketing Committee Chair

Do you want to donate your holiday? Share our donation link with your friends and family!

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