Summer@City is a great opportunity for City Academy students to continue engaging their minds and building relationships during the summer months. This program is designed to be the best possible way to keep the students active, engaged and safe throughout the summer. Summer@City also includes the students’ families through various activities as to continue building community between students, families, teachers, and staff at City Academy.

Throughout the week of June 29, 2015, Summer@City students and their families explored their community during Exploration Week. Exploration Week is a family-friendly week that offers students and their families the chance to discover activities and places throughout Missouri in order for students to get to know their community better. Students and their families were able to visit places such as City Museum, the Gateway Arch, Grant’s Farm, and the Onondaga Cave.

7.2 city Exploring at City Museum

For some of these students, this was their first time visiting many of these places. In fact, Madison Smith and her father, Talmadge Smith, went to the top of the Gateway Arch for their first time during Exploration Week! They had a great time seeing their city from a new view and being able to explore the city together.

7.25 camel Riding a camel at Grant’s Farm

Students and parents alike had a great time making discoveries throughout the community during Exploration Week. These activities allows families and City Academy to work together to be sure that time is well spent for students in the summer months. Exploration Week helps keep minds sharp and relationships strong, as well as alleviate the natural regression of learning. Plus, the students and families have a great time exploring their city together!

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