“I give to City Academy because of the support the school has given me. I want to help the next generation of students.”

– Mark Wheeler ’11

City Academy has given me opportunities that have shaped who I am as a person. I have held leadership positions in my community and secondary school because of skills that City Academy helped me develop. One of these skills is perseverance. Mr. Danforth always encouraged me to never give up. Even when something was out of my comfort zone, he encouraged me to persevere. I can still hear him say, “You will never know what you can do if you do not try.”

City Academy also prepared me for the academic rigor of secondary school. The school provided tutoring assistance through their alumni program, Strive for College. Because of this support from City Academy, I received a full-tuition scholarship to study accounting at University of Redlands.

I give to City Academy’s annual fund because of the support the school has given me. It would not be right to just say thank you. I want to help the next generation of students.

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