Martin Mathews Award Recipients | Ayomide Ajakaiye and Isaac Taylor

Mr. Martin Mathews, the founder of Mathews-Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club and a wonderful friend of City Academy, has spent his life serving others. Mr. Mathews always espouses his three R’s: respect, restraint, and responsibility. His philosophy of high expectations inspired the vision for City Academy, and he has been behind us every step of the way.

Every year at graduation, City Academy honors Mr. Mathews by recognizing one or more students in the graduating class who reflect his values and who have demonstrated exceptional citizenship and academic integrity. This year, two students received the Martin Mathews Award.

City Academy Principal, Milton Mitchell, presented the awards:

Ayomide Ajakaiye

“Resilient, passionate and full of integrity – these are just a few descriptors of Ayomide. She embodies the very essence of the word integrity. It is no surprise that she is true to her word and intolerant of those who cannot be trusted for theirs. Her keen intellectual and interpersonal skills allow her to be respectful and congenial with her peers and adults, which has afforded her opportunities to facilitate several rich literature discussions, as well as spearhead a mini economics class for her fellow peers; all while exuding poise and confidence.

Simply put, this scholar is something like a pioneer; she’s fierce, she’s innovative, she’s risky and most of all, she’s destined for greatness far beyond her years at City Academy. One only has to witness her walk the halls to see these very qualities and the dramatic impact she has on the world around her. She is an invaluable leader of today, tomorrow and our future and we look forward to her esteem title as President of Nigeria in years to come.”

Isaac Taylor

“Any positive adjective that describes a hard-working, respectful young man should be ascribed to this student. Simply stated, he is excellent.

Embodying honor, humility and dedication, this scholar stands out because high academic achievement and exemplary citizenship are not just goals but rather a lifestyle. Involved in the life of the school, this young man speaks to adults in the hallways, enjoys his friends and demonstrates leadership by way of taking care of business first before all else. Teachers comment on his commitment to learning, high level of respect and conscientious nature. He is a top achiever, a sincere rule follower and simply a good-natured human being. He is one of the first to arrive to class and has a great sense of humor.

Of the many things for which he will be remembered, one of the most enjoyable is his love of baseball. We look forward to hearing of this scholar’s many future achievements, two of which are becoming an Eagle Scout and winning an award in mathematics.”

Congratulations Ayomide and Isaac!

Previous Martin Mathews Award Recipients

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Michael Strawbridge, 2009
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