Kaliah's Graduation Photo

Good evening, My name is Kaliah Birchfield. When I first entered City Academy in first grade I was a seed awaiting my chance. A chance to grow into a blossoming tree. With every year, this once tiny seed, grew more into a tree whose branches are now ready to embrace its new journey. Thank you to my parents, my siblings and my peers for helping me flourish and spread my branches.

This evening I’d like to share with you a poem I wrote about my journey and growth at City Academy. It is titled: My Shield Of Branches.

My Shield of Branches

I was once a seed,
Buried deep in the soil,
Yearning to sprout.
With the help of the sun,
And trickling rain drops
I was soon showered with grace
And instantly, so it seemed, I budded my first branch.
With another drop of rain, every beam of sun
More branches sprouted
Covering me like a shield

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