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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ahmad Muhammad and I am a part of the graduating class of 2019. I stand before you this evening with a model of the Earth which is a representation of my stages of growth throughout my time at City Academy. I started City Academy as a 5 yrs old tyke, since then, I have transformed into the young scholar I am today. Tonight, I am content and delighted to be a graduate of City Academy.

The first part of Earth’s layer is the Core which is the foundation. This was my kindergarten through first grade stages of life. The inner stage was one of the hardest stages for me because I had to learn how to adapt to change. Before starting City Academy, I was home-schooled and found it challenging to adapt to a classroom setting with classroom expectations. Pacing and following order was new for me but it didn’t take long before I began to get acquainted with my teachers and my peers, adapt to the rules and expectations and began to learn the fundamental tools I needed to become a learner. My journey had just begun.

Mantle – The second layer of Earth is the mantle which is thicker than the crust and within the mantle is magma. Now if you have any knowledge about magma or lava, you know lava can be messy, cause destruction and disorderly to say the least. By second and third grade, life for me was lava. Coping with homework, learning to better manage my time and just simply being a kid was a chaotic time for me. My life was a mess! Never could I understand the reason why my parents expected me to do all the things a 7 yrs old had to fulfill within a very short time span. You see, my bedtime at 7 yrs old was 8:30 sharp. Not 8:31 not 8:30 and 25 seconds. 8:30 on the dot. In that time, I had to eat dinner, have table conversation about my day (Which I never liked) complete homework, but not just complete homework for the sake of saying it was done, but complete homework thoroughly and accurately. I had to make sure every i was dotted and every t was crossed and of course that I wrote in the best penmanship possible. Then I had to prepare for bed. Shower, pjs, and teeth brushed. This was and in some cases still is my daily routine.

All these expectations had to be satisfied by end of night. Time management was messy for me. It was hot lava. But I still got through it. From this, I learned two important things: Strive to be great and you will succeed and always give effort and accept failure along the way; because you’re bound to succeed at some point.

Crust- The last of Earth’s layers is the crust. The crust is strong and primarily made of rock. This represents my fourth through sixth grade years as a student. By this stage, I had learned to become a stronger and confident learner. I was in the groove and because of the foundation set in my earlier stages of life, I was able to strive for greater. My foundation has been set and I am ready to take on the next stage of my life. To this, I am proud to announce that I will be attending John Burroughs in the fall.

For me City Academy marks the best elementary independent school of St. Louis. I am so appreciative of my stages of growth and the patience City Academy had in order for me to grow. I am extremely thankful for my parents and their support, love and dedication to me and my siblings through the years. Thank you for being apart of every project, every field trip, every school event and everything else. Thank you!

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