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My Rollercoaster Ride

Good evening, my name is Alexander McCloud and I must say, I am the only student that has been at City Academy for a decade. No, not really but it has felt like a decade. I have spent eight L-O-N-G years as a student at City Academy, but it has been a LONG fulfilling journey. My experience here has been something similar to a roller coaster ride. I’ve experienced some tight turns, some steep slopes, and sometimes inversion and didn’t know if I was upside down or sitting straight up.

Like most kids my age, amusement parks and rides can be invigorating. You usually start with your hands waving in the air; excited to feel the breeze and soon you’re locked in and without warning you are off; screaming from the top of your lungs, with harsh winds slapping your face and with each twist and turn, it feels like your stomach is having a ride of its own.

Though my life has been just that, a rollercoaster, I have learned so much on the ride. There were times I wanted to throw my hands up and scream and I’m almost certain, my parents and teachers wanted to do the same. But guess what? I didn’t, and they didn’t either. I continued to have courage and managed to strive through the twists and turns. I was determined to ride this rollercoaster to the end.

My favorite part of my ride has been the opportunity to play the lead role in several productions including “The Jungle Book” “Seussical the Musical” and “Aladdin”. Such opportunities helped me learn to be accountable and responsible. But with every rollercoaster ride, nothing is steady, once you hit the peak, you descend at a pace faster than lightning. There were times on my ride I couldn’t catch a breath; the wind was drastic as the workload, at times, were just the same. But again after a sudden twist, I was back pushing through. On my ride I learned to enjoy the journey and be proud of my accomplishments. I’ve had many.

I’ve made a lot of friends these past few years. The friends that I have known the longest are my closest and those people have been the passengers on my ride with me. Classmates, we have made it through this journey of City Academy and I hope you are able to enjoy your ride as you start a new phase of your life. Remember to enjoy every twist and turn and have fun on your rollercoaster.

Mom and Dad, you have been my biggest support system through my time at City Academy. Thank you for leading me on my expedition. Because of both of you, I’m ready to take this new red devil roller coaster straight to, Chaminade Preparatory School in the fall.

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