A Bittersweet Chapter

Good Evening my name is Derrick Palmer. Today I’m graduating and I can’t help but reminisce about my bittersweet chapter here. Every great novel includes complications and challenges. While I have been here, I have had many conflicts such as adjusting to the schoolwork, late night homework, fitting in, you know, the new kid stuff. I was the new kid on the block and was not at all happy, because of the dreadful decision my parents made of transferring me.

Coming to another school was not the most joyous occasion because Plot twist I didn’t immediately love City Academy. I felt that my former school was the perfect place for me. Homework was a breeze, I had plenty of friends and I participated in many activities. I was living my best life; at least that’s what I thought. My parents thought differently, it was like I was the protagonist in a novel who was trying to escape the overbearing antagonist who wouldn’t listen to me, that happened to have been my parents.

But this was the one time I was glad my parents didn’t listen to me. They knew what was best and soon I began to take such bitter moments and turned them into successful moments. Braving through all the hardships I faced to get where I am right now was no cakewalk. I went through days of feeling anger, anxiety and defeated. It was something that many characters in great novels experience, but that internal conflict never lasts. On the other side of life they almost always reach the climax and life turns for them.

That is exactly what happened for me. I was on an upward path and shared some really sweet and special moments at City Academy. I allowed my humor to help build friendships, my wittiness help develop stronger analytical skills and my passion for learning to help me take pride in who I am as a student.

Thank you City Academy for such bittersweet chapters in my life. I have been exposed to some great things and great friends here. I am ecstatic for the next chapter of my life at Whitfield School.

Mom and Dad thank you for also helping me to turn my bitter moments into sweet occasions. Grandpa and Pam, thank you for picking me up from school when my parents couldn’t. To my oldest brother DJ, thanks for being the most annoying and best big brother ever. You all knew what was best for me and I will always love you.

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