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Soar High

Good evening, everyone. My name is Gabrielle Moore and today, I’ll be presenting my last speech at City Academy to you.

“I’m a little butterfly
Spread my powerful wings
Even though I’m small and frail I can do most anything”

-A quote by Ross Lynch

This quote will always hold great meaning to me, representing my journey throughout City Academy and the start of a new journey in the fall.

Imagine yourself soaring over fields, flying against the wind, keeping your path though sometimes letting the wind carry you. Your black and orange wings glimmering in the sun. Not stopping until you reach the next flower and only then pausing to enjoy the sweet nectar. But right after that, moving onto the next even sweeter flower. And the whole time being very careful because one butterfly flap can change the world. And that holds very close to me because I know I will change the world for the better, whether that is recycling an empty water bottle on the street, or saving a life as an oncologist, I have the power to change the world and City Academy has played a huge part in this.

“I’m a little butterfly, spread my colorful wings.” When I first started City Academy, I was a little kid, eager to learn, curious to find answers and of course, ready to play. From sitting in a corner, trying to teach myself to read, to reading almost 100 books a year. Slowly, yet proudly, spreading my colorful and powerful wings. Earning the right to fly away, yet never settling on just one flower. Looking for better while never forgetting my roots.

As I go on to a new school in the fall, I thank all of the faculty and staff, especially all the teachers at City Academy for shaping me into a better student yet always leaving room for improvement. I wouldn’t be standing where I am tonight, without your support.

But not to forget some specific people. Thank you to my former fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. McDonough, for never losing touch with me and for always giving up your time to give advice. And thank you to all of my family, but especially my Mommy, Daddy and my sister, Madison, who were always there for me and will always have room in their heart for me. My parents did work behind the scene to get me where I am today and without their love, I wouldn’t know which flower to land on. Not to forget my grandparents, who always gave me a helping hand.

So thank you so much to all of these wonderful people in my life. And as this little butterfly’s wings spread, she will always fly back to City Academy, but until then, she’ll use the wings City Academy and her family gave her and fly away to John Burroughs School in the fall.

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