Good evening, my name is Jordyn Jefferson. The best way to describe myself as a student at City Academy is through the lens of a rose.

Roses are fragrant, attractive, bright and colorful and when they bloom, they illuminate grace and beauty. They appreciate sunny skies and rainy nights with intentional thorns that protect them from harm.

Today, I stand as the delicate rose I just described, but I didn’t start City Academy as a rose already bloomed. I was a seed, eager to sprout. I began growing my roots that gave me stability. With each spurt of growth, I became resilient and firm. Not even a strong storm could weaken my stem or cause me despair. Each time I gained knowledge, a petal formed. There were times my petals frayed from disappointments and failures, but always another petal would bloom causing me to have hope.

Hope is what has given me the audacity to strive. It dares me to blossom and believe. I believe City Academy has provided me with an exceptional education. I believe thorns in my sides or challenging days makes you determined, I believe work without purpose is not work at all. All of these things and more I learned through my growth as a student at City Academy.

Although my rose isn’t perfect; it’s a delicate strong rose thrilled to be planting yet another seed at my new destination Villa Duchesne. I would like to thank all of my teachers but the 2 main teachers I would like to thank is Mrs. Fennoy and Mrs. Oteng. Thank you Mrs. Fennoy for always pushing and encouraging us. It will be helpful as we transition into middle school. Mrs. Oteng, thank you for being the one teacher I can talk to about everything, for making math fun and making me laugh. To my peers, I will sincerely miss you. Even though we’re going our separate ways, we will always have the memorable Michigan trip. To my grandmother for inspiring me even when I didn’t think I could achieve. To my father, for helping me on my journey and a special thank you to my mother for your unconditional love and support. Even when I failed, you never failed me.

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