Time Flies

Good evening, my name is Nashon Anthony. I am certain each of you at some point in your life have used the phrase “time flies”. This evening I will be sharing how my time has certainly flown by at City Academy. My time at City Academy has been nothing less than priceless. With every second, every minute, and every hour, I have learned to take advantage of the opportunities given to me and learned to use those times and opportunities gracefully in order to make every moment count.

With time, I lost my innocence, but gained so much knowledge. I became proficient at assembling a robot in robotics class, in my time here, I became a skilled violinist, I gained knowledge of how to be a positive influence but most of all; I learned how to be a student. Time moves quick; but time has allowed for me to grow.

There were moments I wanted to turn back time, but in retrospect, I realized my time encompassed purpose. I took each day “the good and the bad” as it was meant to be. Some of my most beautiful moments have seemed to accelerate and slip beyond my grasp but there are a few I hold near. For example being the first sixth graders to go to camp Michigan or going on field trips and singing on the bus.

Time is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets one can acquire, and City Academy, I thank you for my time well spent. You have helped me recognize that there are endless opportunities for me if I invest my time in identifying what each opportunity holds. To my parents and grandparents, Thank you for giving of your “time” to help me soar from a little boy to a young black man.

To my peers; keep this in mind: “the bad news is time flies, but the good news is you’re the pilot.” As we go our separate ways, be sure to make every moment count because time sure does fly.

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