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What Awaits Me

Good evening everyone! I am Zoey DiStaso- Hutchins. In life, we only get one start, one finish and a couple of chances to make a mark or leave behind some kind of legacy.

One of the biggest questions posed to me as I made my transition through the years by teachers, administrators, my parents and even indirectly by my peers have been “What legacy awaits you?” A question for many years I found difficult to answer and in some cases something to even consider. “What legacy awaits me?” I was puzzled. How can a 9 year old answer such a question? I’m NINE! But over time, and with much consideration, I have spent my time as a student of City Academy living to identify and answer such a question. The best part of answering this question has been the clarity and the identity it has brought to me and my daily decisions as a scholar.

As a 2019 Graduate, I welcome to share my words I have lived by in order to leave behind my legacy and start anew. These are ideas I planted in my soul through the many years that have granted me opportunities of growth. Ideas I remind myself of as I reflect on my days; whether productive or challenging days. It’s my prep talk in the mornings before I begin my day.

  • To start, always have a positive approach to situations and make the best of each moment Zoey; regardless of circumstances or strife. There is nothing you can do, so make the best of the situation and move on.
  • At all times, exude positive energy. No one wants to interact with those who lives in misery and sadness all the time. Remain optimistic Zoey, expressive and authentic.
  • Welcome new possibilities. Playing it safe doesn’t help you prosper, but stunts your growth. Be okay with taking risks.
  • And most importantly, which was one that I most recently learned to accept; appreciate moments of failure. Failure gives you a chance to win again. Don’t be disheartened by failure.

City Academy, thank you for allowing me to see what truly awaits me. This is a place I will never forget. I have so many memorable moments here and hope my energy is just as memorable. I hope I have begun to make a mark on the world as City Academy has made a mark in my heart.

To my Mom, you are the inspiration BEHIND my legacy. I am GREETED by you at the start of my day which brings me happiness at the end of my day that keeps me safe. To my Dad, each day, you inspire me to look at life in a different way. Thanks for always teaching me right from wrong and helping me solve problems head on. I am thrilled at what awaits me at VISITATION ACADEMY in the fall.

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