Martin Mathews Award

Martin Mathews founded the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club as a way to provide young people in our city opportunities. Mr. Mathews’ philosophy of high expectations inspired the vision for City Academy.

Each graduation, we honor Mr. Mathews by recognizing a member of our sixth grade class who reflects Mr. Mathews’ values, and who has demonstrated exceptional citizenship and academic integrity throughout the school year.

This year we honored two students: Allie Lane’ 15 and Malachi Chunn ’15. Both of these students have been outstanding leaders and have set wonderful examples for the rest of the students at City Academy. Congratulations to Allie and Malachi!

Langenberg Winner

Oliver Langenberg Award

The Oliver Langenberg Award was established at our first graduation to recognize and honor one of our earliest and most generous supporters.  Mr. Langenberg made his community a better place through his philanthropy, which is defined as making an active effort to promote the welfare of others.

This year’s Langenberg Award winner is Tracey Marshall. Tracey and her husband Bill, have invested in their belief that exceptional education can change lives and should be available to talented, determined, and hardworking students. Tracey has been a great partner in supporting important causes in our community, both as a Trustee and a committee member. We congratulate and thank Tracey!

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