by Ronnell J. ’16 (Chaminade ’22)

I believe in God. I believe in love. I believe in family. I believe in my support system. I believe in me.

I want to thank my parents for putting me here at City Academy.Starting City Academy as a fifth grader was very difficult, but I persevered. Starting out I felt like quitting many times. There were many concepts and strategies that I never faced.

Honestly, I did not know if I was going to make it. Once again, it wasn’t easy for me, but I believed in myself and God.

I want to thank the staff at City Academy for instilling confidence in me. Although Mr. Snigowski is no longer at City Academy, I want to thank him for making me a better person. He really understood me. He took the time to find out who I was. We even listened to some of the same music such as J. Cole, Love Yourz. And as the song says, I started to love myself.

I can’t forget about the man, Mr. Speed. I just want to thank him for just bringing me up to the classroom for the little things that I needed help on and helping me with my work.

Last but not least I can’t forget about my homeroom teacher, Ms. Altvater, the Darth Vader. She is old-school, and I thought we would not be able to get along with each other. However, after all this hard work, time and passion that she put in with me, I believe I’m ready to go to the next level at Chaminade College Preparatory.

Ronnell with Mr. Danforth and Laren Loveless

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