In honor of City Academy’s earliest and most generous supporters,  Oliver M. Langenberg, City Academy recognized two St. Louis leaders, Holly James and Alicia McDonnell for this year’s award. These community leaders, who are also sisters, are staunch believers in the importance of education and passionate about City Academy.

Holly joined City Academy’s Board in 2014 with a vast knowledge having earned her master’s and doctorate degrees in education. Holly has been instrumental in helping City Academy enhance our amazing Science and STEAM programs, including providing us with our first robotics kits, back in 2009. Holly put it well, saying, “City Academy is an exemplar of what the St. Louis community can achieve when we come together to support education.”

Alicia, too, has been active in making her community better through service.  After earning her law degree, she served as an Assistant District Attorney, as well as a city attorney in Massachusetts.  She returned to St. Louis and quickly entrenched herself back into the community, volunteering for at Washington University, Girls Inc. and, City Academy. Alicia says this of her experience here, “As soon as I visited and met the children and teachers I knew this was a special place.”

For these reasons and more, we are honored to recognize Holly and Alicia as Langenberg
Award recipients, joining the following honorees:

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver M. Langenberg, 2005
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin C. Bahle, 2006
The McDonnell Family, 2007
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Virgil, 2008
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jane Tschudy, 2009
Mr. & Mrs. Henry O. Johnston, 2010
Hazel Donald, 2011
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Seldin, 2012
Linda & Pete Werner, 2013
Harris Frank, 2014
Tracey Marshall, 2015
Pat & Nick Reding, 2016

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