City Academy strives to develop leadership skills in all of our scholars, including counting on our Upper School students to become leaders in our own community. Our current 6th grade scholars have truly grown to understand that responsibility and exemplify leadership each day. In ELA class, they were asked to respond to the question “What does leadership mean to you?” in an essay, you can read excerpts from their responses below.

Jamaron Bass

A great leader is my father. I looked up to him and  hope to one day be better than him. He teaches me the difference between right and wrong and how to always do the right thing. He cheers me on when I accomplish something very important. He also tells me he is very proud of me. My father inspired me to be just like him, but a  better version of him. He leads me to more than good, but to be amazing because that is what counts.”

RaShae Blanchard

“In my opinion, leadership means showing someone that you are responsible for not only your actions, but others’ actions as well. Because a good leader models, they are responsible for helping, coaching, teaching, but most importantly, listening. I have learned that listening first  is the best way to lead. It shows that you are invested in what is being said and that you actually care.”

Mason Chambers

“From my first day at City Academy up until now, every teacher who has taught me says,  “Pick up your friend’s pencil even though it is not yours.” This taught me to take responsibility for things that aren’t even mine, and at secondary schools teachers are bound to make you pick up something that is not even yours. This is example is bigger than “picking up a pencil” but speaks more to the importance of showing integrity and taking care of your community.”

Ashton Fisher

To me, leadership is the ability to  lead others by modeling the way. Leaders must especially lead the young. To be a leader, one must have integrity, communicate in order to build relationships, and have respect for others and their opinions.”

Catherine Hall

I have been surrounded by many leaders, but I believe my parents are both exceptional leaders. They are examples of  good leaders because I respect them and they support me in learning through my mistakes.  Also, they have helped me build my character by teaching me the importance of always doing the right thing.”

Syeda Harvey

In the wise words of John C. Maxwell’ “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and  shows the way. ” I completely agree with this quote, although I believe leadership is being a good influence and/or showing integrity; by helping others in doing the right thing when nobody’s around.”

Deijah Jackson

To me, leadership is also the act of creating a path for others to follow while guiding and building trust along the way. When I think of leadership I believe that you should be respectful and respected, and have a great lead for others to follow, honest, responsible, mature and influential.” 

Niles Jones

Leadership is a leader that never gives up. A leader should always be present and ready to help others.  To be a leader, you must be an upstanding person who is able to gather a team of people together to plan out an achievable goal. A great leader must be willing to help, coach, motivate and have confidence.”

G’Mori LaValle

“Throughout my years at City I have had no other choice but to step up and demonstrate leadership. There isn’t one particular example to prove my leadership. My biggest goal is to always live up to that of a leader through my everyday actions of modeling great character, advocating for myself and attempting to solve my own problems before making it someone else’s problem.”

Gabriel Miles

The essence of a great leader is being able to remain calm and help their peers while under pressure. A few of the characteristics of a good leader are kindness, helpfulness, attentiveness, and finally having high esteem. City Academy has prepared me to be a leader by giving me opportunities and chances to work in groups and help others on my own without constantly being watched by a teacher.”

Jon-Paul Mitchom

My dad is one of those leaders. I believe he is truly a leader because he is respectful to others; even strangers. My dad  has empathy for others, demonstrates integrity, and is a great role model to those around him (he is the BEST dad in the WORLD). He has influenced me to be a better leader by telling me to do the right thing, and to not lie, cheat, or steal. Whenever there is an opportunity to do any of those bad things, I remember what my dad has taught me to do and make a conscious decision to do the right thing.”

Savannah Rainey

To me leadership is showing that you care, and being role models for younger people or for people in your class or those in which you surround yourself with. The essence of a good leader is showing guidance, authority, and confidence. Each year I feel more empowered to accept my mistakes and learn from them, be confident and stand strong on what I believe is right and always exhibit your strengths and don’t be afraid to work towards  your weaknesses.”

Madison Smith

“I didn’t become a good leader overnight. City Academy has prepared me to become a better leader by encouraging me to be a role-model for the school community. Because this has been an ongoing expectation, I now exhibit leadership in my everyday life, at school and at home. I consider myself as a good leader because I have self motivation, honesty and respect for others. I am willing to help others, and I show gratitude.”

Zain Thomas

My great grandma was a leader because she kept our family together at times when they were separated. She is a leader because she was there to listen. She was a mother to my aunts and uncles who didn’t have one. My  great grandmother was always open to listen to people’s problems or when they needed to talk. My great grandmother was an idle leader who inspired the rest.”

Nahlia Walker

A good leader should be confident so other people may feel safe in knowing that they will guide you in the right direction. When it comes to being the leader, you have to show up and show out; meaning do the right thing and make the best choice possible.”

Maria Wansong

My sister, Maddie, has a way of sharing and guiding you through things and it makes sense. Some great qualities about her are that she inspires me to work towards my dreams and she encourages me to do better in school. She has influenced me to be a good leader by telling me how to encourage others by pushing them to their limits.”

Lyvie Williams

A leader has many different qualities, but in order to be a good leader,  one must be responsible for various tasks. Others must be able to  trust you and depend upon you to help guide them and help them through things that may seem difficult.  A good leader also must be dependable so people will trust you to do things that you might not think you can handle but you will handle it.”

Myles Williams

I believe that leadership is the ability to take ownership over problems and to guide people in the right direction. The essence of a good leader is to be confident in your work, to be mature, and to have integrity. Some qualities of a good leader are to be responsible, risk taker, inspiring, and to be a model.”

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    Tiffany Williams on February 14, 2022

    Proud if the young scholars

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    Tiffany Williams on February 14, 2022

    Proud of the young scholars

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