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Second grade video project connects history, language arts, and STEAM!

Second grade recently completed a unit on St. Louis history. This unit was an extension of their ongoing study of figurative language. The class began the history unit by learning about St. Louis. Through this unit, students discovered meaning of the symbols of our city’s flag, the confluence, and the geography of the area.

Second graders also examined past and present photographs of the riverbank. They were surprised to see how it has changed over many years due to flooding!

Ms. DeSimone, Second Grade Teacher, had students learn more about water by reading books about floods. Through the picture book, Flood by Alvero Villa, the class could discover how a flood might devastate a home.

Students add words to the picture book Flood by Alvero Villa.

Ms. DeSimone’s language arts class collaborated with the Ms. Ann Luciani’s Early Childhood STEAM class to begin a novel engineering project. Students designed and built a house in a foil tray using their resources in the classroom. They utilized the information that they learned from their reading in language arts. Each student was assigned an engineering partner. The pairs were then given the 90-minute class period to build a home within the set square boundary that would best withstand a flood simulation.

After building their homes, the class came together and put their creations to the test. One gallon of water was poured on top of each house. Students observed how well their design held together in this rain storm. Based on the results of the first test, students set out to redesign their homes in a more effective manner.

At the conclusion of the project, the class revisited the picture book. They created a word list based off of their learning. Afterwards, students collaborated with one another to create and edit a video to showcase their hard work.

The class had a great time creating a video that connects history, language arts, and STEAM!

View the Flood video created by second grade

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