We empathize with parents who love St. Louis city and are looking for affordable, quality education for their children. We grew up in the city during the midst of the suburban flight that emptied many neighborhoods and contributed to the declining enrollment in our schools. This said, we remain committed to living in the city and to raising our sons in the neighborhood in which we grew up in north St. Louis.

As a result, City Academy is a beacon of hope. By making it financially accessible for families, the school is creating educational equity rather than contributing to the educational disparity. 

We often say, “We are City Academy.” Our sons, Michael ’09 (John Burroughs School ’15, Beloit College ’19) and Marshall ’11 (Fulton School at St. Albans ‘17) were surrounded by teachers who believed in them and challenged them to be their best. City Academy makes a difference for the whole family. As parents, we are impacted by the education and community here.

We give back to the school that has given us so much. City Academy has changed our lives forever and given us hope for our sons. We know scholarships make this all possible and that is why we are happy to donate to this incredible mission.

By Michelle and Michael Strawbridge
Parents of Michael ’09 & Marshall ’11
Michelle Strawbridge: Board of Trustees Member

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