2018 Graduation Speech by Kailand Dennis ’18

Hello, I am Kailand Dennis, and I will be sharing my poem. It is entitled, “My Time”, as it is about my time at City Academy.

My Time

My time at City Academy has been full of cheer,

And I’m saddened that the end is here,

I’ve had times here like no others,

Times filled with memories that I’ve told my mothers.

Like the time I went on my first overnight trip, filled with laughter and fun,

Or when I lost my hearing aid, after recess was done,

I remember dissecting a pig’s stomach during science,

And to me, the best part was being in an alliance

My time here at City Academy has been well spent,

And on an exciting voyage, I have been sent,

I am grateful for all of the experiences that I’ve had here,

And if anything, I will never forget this place, for the path it has set is clear.

Thank You!

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