Why City Academy is Important To Me by Megan Chaney Walker and Daphne (4th grade student)

We’re celebrating our volunteers during National Volunteer Week (April 15-21, 2018)! One long-time volunteer, Megan Chaney Walker, has been volunteering as a mentor for many years. She also serves on our Marketing Committee and is a regular attendee at Buddy Morning.

Each week, Megan mentors and tutors 4th grade student, Daphne. Megan has been tutoring Daphne since Daphne was in our Early Childhood program!

For National Volunteer Week, Megan and Daphne wanted to write about City Academy. They chose to write about why City Academy is important to them.

Daphne (4th grade student): Why City Academy is Important to Me

City Academy is important  to me because when I come to school every morning I see a smile. And City Academy is like one big family. You know everybody’s name from junior kindergarten – sixth grade. And after care teachers and teachers have a bond with us students that you could never break. So many people care about you. You just have so much love. You can always be yourself. And City Academy is just a place where they motivate you to be yourself  and be the best you can be and try so hard to work for what you want in life. That’s why City Academy is important to me.

Megan Chaney Walker (Volunteer, Tutor, and Marketing Committee Member)

Over the years, City Academy has become very significant to me for a number of reasons. The school provides a fantastic and diverse education to the students that attend. They do it in a way that is incredibly engaging and exciting for each student. The teachers at City Academy are passionate and dedicated to their students and it shows. I often see students run up to teachers for a hug or excitedly tell them something new that they learned or discovered. The administrative staff is receptive and open-minded, and their doors are always open.

One of the biggest reasons I love City Academy is because each time I visit, I find myself talking to more students and teachers and administrators, plus the pure joy that permeates these walls is just infectious. The other reason I love City Academy is because it’s given me the opportunity to develop a wonderful relationship with one of its students, Daphne. She’s a bright, vibrant and enthusiastic kiddo and coming to City Academy to work with her is the highlight of each week.

Thank you, Megan, and all of our 285 volunteers who help us transform lives every day! We greatly appreciate all the 7,282 volunteer hours our passionate volunteers have given to City Academy in the last year!

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