We know that our students, particularly scholars in upper grades, are paying attention to the 2016 presidential election. We wanted to know what they know, what they think, and if they would vote if they could. It turns out that our sixth graders have quite a few thoughts about this year’s election.

Did you watch any of the first presidential debate?
Christian: I did.
Akhil: I watched some.
Nyla: Not much.
Michael: Yes.

What did you hear in the debate?
Christian: They were talking about immigration.
Michael: I heard them talking about ISIS.

How do you receive information about the presidential nominees?
Christian: My parents and local news channels.
Nyla: My parents and CNN.
Akhil: My parents and the Today Show.
Michael: My parents and the news.

If you could vote, would you?
Nyla: Yes, I would vote. A lot of people have fought for our right to vote so you better vote, or else you’re a disgrace.
Akhil: True, our ancestors did fight for the right to vote. They went through terrible things to get the right to vote so we should practice that right. But I don’t know who I would vote for. Obama has been so chill.
Christian: It’s hard because sometimes you don’t want to vote but you still feel like you have to.

Do you have any other thoughts about the presidential election?
Nyla: It’s hard to follow from one point to the next. I’m just a kid.
Akhil: I want a President that will go to where the people are. When there’s a natural disaster, I want a President to go and visit the people.
Christian: I feel sorry for the debate monitors. They keep going over time, but no one listens to the monitors.
Michael: We’re called the land of the free, and I want everyone to be free in this country.

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