Good morning parents, faculty and my fellow classmates. My name is Amir Whalen and as I stand before you, I am relieved that this day has finally arrived. Since the start of my journey in Pre-K, until this point, I have climbed out of my shell of self- doubt and reliance on others and gained independence instead. To be independent has been a personal goal of mine for quite some time and the start of finding myself as a student. This growth of independence started in third grade during our end of year Wax Museum. I was extremely nervous and uneasy, but I was determined to do well, and I did. I was ready and prepared and filled with satisfaction for such an accomplishment.

I continued to find satisfaction as I discovered my love for reading. (Thank you Mr. Speed for pressuring me to READ, READ, READ). Reading took me to a place of curiosity and imagination spiraling into a sense of creativity. Because of everything that I have learned at City Academy, I will be twice as prepared when I stand in the classrooms of my next school.

I stand today satisfied that I have climbed out of my shell, taken on many risks. Thank you Mom for believing in me even when I sometimes doubted myself. And to all of my teachers, you have truly been impactful in being a part of my quest for independence. Because of ALL of you, I am excited to start my new journey of seeking satisfaction at Lutheran North. Thank you!

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