Good morning, I am Brooklyn Willis. This place has been great to me. This place has taught me so much. I have learned how to create a chemical reaction in science, how to dig deeper into my novel studies in literature and EVEN how to solve algebraic equations in math.

But I have learned much more over the years. I learned how to turn “humility into wisdom”. Allow me to briefly share some of my experiences of humility that resulted in acquiring wisdom.

As with most of my classes, things never came easy to me, mostly because I didn’t put in the effort in the beginning. But because City Academy is a school that cares, I was pushed to not simply do “just enough” and, over time, learned that if you put in time and effort, you will excel.

Humility taught me that choices come with consequences, and sometimes consequences are the best way to (in the words of my grandmother) GET IT THROUGH BROOKLYN’S THICK SKULL. And trust me, my thick skull has suffered through many, many consequences. Initially, I thought the world was against me, but gained wisdom in realizing that it was for my own good.

City Academy has given me many second chances. The best part of being at City Academy has taught me how to take the bad with the good and sometimes learning from the choices you make is the best way to learn.

I will forever be thankful to City Academy for my life lessons. A special thank you to my mother who keeps me grounded through her long lectures and my grandmother for EVERYTHING. You do so much and so much more.

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