Good morning, My name is Cali Melton, and I can not believe I will be graduating today. City Academy is built on love. It has brought me courage, determination and most importantly LOVE. I present to you my stages of love and ALL the things I love about City Academy.

City Academy is something like my home. A home filled with love. My art piece is filled with some of the vibrant colors of the rainbow. Each heart featured represents my love for City Academy.

What is love? As I began to ponder all the ways in which I love City Academy, I was overwhelmed with so many ideas, so please forgive as I am unable to share ALL that I love about my home; City Academy.

I love that City Academy creates relationships and partnerships; it’s a community. A community of love. I also love how City Academy is accepting of everyone. It’s a safe place where welcoming arms are present as you walk the halls and pathways. I love the empathetic souls, compassionate hearts and non-judgmental teachers and friends. I love how City Academy is willing to help you become a better person not just for your reputation here, but for years to come . Also, I love how this is a community who believes in you and is willing to do what they can to help you find the best in you.

The same love I received from City Academy is the same unconditional love I receive from my immediate family. Thank Mom and Dad for bringing me into this world and giving me the best life I could ask for. Thank you Dad, for being a perfect dad and helping me with anything such as math or science projects. Thank you Mom for also being a perfect mom to me and teaching me your crafty ways. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my lovely Grandma MiMi who has played a major role in my successes. She is undoubtedly the most amazing person I have ever met. I am so glad she has been there for me, and that she’s my grandma.

I am excited to share and receive the same love at John Burroughs in the fall. Thank You!

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