Hello my name is Hallie Wilkins. I am excited for the beginning of something new, yet proud of the accomplishments I’ve made during my time at City Academy. Change. I’m sure we all can attest that at some point, we have all felt that change is sometimes unnecessary. I have not always been a fan of change. It can be intimidating, difficult and often done with such haste, but is so necessary.

While change transpired, change brought growth. There are many levels to change, and I’ve experienced many, ALL which have brought me to new beginnings. Once known as a shy timid girl, I have grown into a boisterous girl not afraid of expressing my thoughts and feelings with words, but as my classmates would probably say, my hands tell it all.

The energy I poured into expressing my feelings, is the same energy I poured into my work habits and academic growth. I wasn’t alone on this journey of change. It has brought great pleasure having an older sister as a role model. She is something like my best friend. She is my inspiration and seeing her devote so much into her studies, impelled me to want better and to do better as a student. This change afforded me much success through my years academically. I am a serious and confident learner because of you, Madison. Change makes one feel accomplished and I’m proud of my accomplishments and thrilled for my new beginnings. Thank you City Academy for realizing change was necessary; driving me to achieve greater. To my classmates, continue to create new beginnings and to my parents and my family, thank you all for believing in me and investing in my education. City Academy has been good to me and I am excited for the beginning of something new at Lutheran North in the Fall. GO Crusaders!!!!

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