Good Morning, my name is Hamida Dickerson and I am eager to share a glimpse of my journey that has led me to Villa Duchesne in the fall. I would like to start by acknowledging how appreciative I am for all that City Academy has done for me. I am thankful and proud of my nine years I have spent here and cherish all the memorable moments I’ve shared with teachers, friends, and my City Academy community. One memorable moment that I have held dear to me, is my first day at City Academy and meeting my first friend. I walked into Junior Kindergarten afraid and vulnerable but when I met my very first friend, I knew my time here would be time well spent.

The knowledge that City Academy teaches students is limitless. This school has taught me the purpose of character and what it means to have integrity. It has instructed me on how to manage my time, which has helped me become a better student. Time management has permitted me to do a multitude of things, one of which, is to organize my time spent between my passion for cooking and my school work.

I am grateful for my time at City Academy and all the resources this great place has given me to prepare me as I transition to my new home; Villa Duchesne. I must first acknowledge my teachers Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Oteng, and Mrs. Fennoy for contributing to my success at City Academy. And to my siblings: Thank you Adia and Akil for helping me with homework and your tidbits of knowledge to help me walk my first path of middle school. And finally to my lovely parents. Thank you so very much for riding this roller coaster with me. You have been with me the entire ride and I’m thrilled to know you will continue to support me on my new journey. Thank you.

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