Good Morning Everyone! My name is Promyss Wolfe.

Frustration. Anger. Fear. Disappointment. Graduates of 2021, parents, family, and faculty we have all felt this way at some point in our life. Especially this year given we
have been engulfed in a global pandemic. But for me, these mixed emotions have been my life story. That’s the not so good part of my time at City Academy, but just like the lyrics to Kirk Franklin’s song, “Brighter Days” were on the way.

While Bad Days showed its face, I have had much more better days than imaginable. Those moments when you feel you’re succeeding, the friendships filled with laughter, knowing City academy is going to help me through my journey once I leave, and most of all knowing my mother will be forever supportive of my siblings and I no matter the cost, the circumstances, or the time. She can juggle work, kids, nurturing, and simply being present. I am so thankful for such Better Days and I am looking forward to more Better Days as I continue on with my life. Bad days show its face as if you’re walking in mud. There are some really easy parts and some not so easy parts. My days are still starting. Both good and bad days are still to come but with a little push I’ll get down the slide.

I want to thank people individually for the help that they gave me because I don’t know where I’d be without them. Mrs. Venne, Thank you for being supportive and helping me get out of my hole that I was stuck in. Mrs. Fennoy, thank you for being a very caring teacher and helping me whenever I need it. Thank you Mr. Speed (aka bald eagle) for always pushing me to try my best and try my hardest. Last but certainly not least my mom. She has been there since day one and won’t leave till my last day. Always caring, supportive, funny, helpful, and just there through my journey. She’s like my number one fan or my cheerleader cheering me on from the sidelines. I want to thank my friends too. Y’all can be really annoying sometimes but you can also be the best at times too. I have to say I’m really going to miss your irritating faces everyday. I’m just kidding. Thank you, City Academy for this awesome opportunity at this amazing school.

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