Good morning , my name is Traelon Collins. I am holding a basketball that is a representation of my characteristics and strong qualities as a student. Much like a basketball, which is precisely round in shape; I am a well-rounded kid who is easy going, enjoys making others around me feel comfortable while not sweating the small stuff. Like a basketball, I am able to go with the flow of things, which has granted me opportunities to make and create an everlasting friendship with my best friend Lucas. He has been a great teammate on the court, and even greater friend.

Basketball is an exciting sport that I have used to help shape me as a player on the court and a student in the classroom. I’ve learned many lessons from the sport of basketball. For instance, with anything and even basketball, no matter how good you are at it, you are bound to make mistakes or even fail once in a while. In basketball, you may airball or miss a basket, leaving you feeling frustrated. These moments taught me that you don’t always get it right, but one thing I have within me is determination. I have spent my years determined to at least try; even if I miss a shot here or there, or perform poorly on a test, I have learned that the score comes from learning and trying your hardest; even when the going gets tough.

A special thank you to my teachers and to my wonderful parents. Thank you for supporting my two brothers and myself. I don’t know it all, but with your life lessons and City Academy’s support, I am excited to continue my journey at Chaminade. THANK YOU!

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