We All Matter Because Humanity Matters

Good morning my name is Trevor Martin. One thing I’ve learned is: humanity matters because we all matter. Upon my admission into City Academy, most of the kids had already developed their own special friendships and I was all alone as a kid entering a year later. That was to be expected because most of them started together in pre-k where friendships had already been established and bonds were formed. I was like the “oddball”. One, because I was the new kid on the block, and two, I was of a different race. It didn’t take long for me to make friends, however, and I have learned so much from my classmates through the years, and they have learned so much from me. Why? Because humanity matters and we all matter.

I have learned the distinct value of trust and what it means to make friends and to be a friend. After my peers got to know me and of course getting to know them, I began to establish some pretty neat relationships. We played together, joked together and even helped each other with homework and quizzes. I no longer felt like the “odd ball” and realized that there was so much we shared in common than uncommon. Why? Because humanity matters and we all matter. We all loved to be funny and we all found passion in learning. They accepted me for who I was, and I genuinely accepted them for who they were. Over time, I created some everlasting friendships.

While we all may one day experience feeling left out, this experience helped me to grow as a human being. I learned that you can create friendships and trust people who may not look like you. I also learned that before you call a person your friend, you have to get to know them and build a friendship on trust. Lastly, I learned that people are people no matter of their skin color, race, or status and We All Matter because humanity matters.

I would like to take this time to thank my Mom, my Dad, and even my little sister Izzie and grandparents as well. I would also like to thank all of my wonderful teachers that have helped me reach my full potential and have helped prepare me for my new journey at MICDS in the fall.

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