Good morning City Academy friends and family. My name is Vishinsky White and on this day I would like to share with you the beginning stages of my life as a student at City Academy. What is Life? Well, according to the Webster Dictionary “life” is defined as the existence of an individual human being or organism, but in my opinion, that doesn’t truly define what “life” means to me. Life is a variety of different things. With your imagination and thoughts, You can bring life to a single book, a computer or even a Zoom call. Sometimes, I think life can represent a single moment.

For me, life represents my experiences; good and bad. I have had many experiences. Most of them have happened right here in this space, in the classrooms, in the hallways, on this turf field, right here at City Academy. Such as, meeting new people, learning a variation of different subjects, exposure to different instruments and even learning life skills. As I began my journey, my definition of life gained context and I gradually started to evolve into someone with purpose. I didn’t say something good, but someone with purpose. Each day was never the same. I had some very good days and some not so good days. Some days life felt hard and unfair.

For instance, why, oh, why, oh why, did we have SOOOOO much homework? I know I asked myself this question repeatedly through the years, yet it didn’t make sense until around fourth grade when I finally began to see all the pieces connect. Homework was a “life” skill. It taught the importance of preparation, practice, studying and time management. As shared earlier in my speech, life is good, but then again, life is not always good, but life has a way of helping you learn more about yourself.

Not only did I learn the value of an education, but City Academy taught me the value of “life skills”. Another life skill I learned at City Academy is independence. Independence taught me the worth of doing things on your own. It taught me not to depend on other people all of the time. My mother has taught me so much, as well. Thank you Mom for being stern, for loving me, for nurturing me, and keeping me in your back pocket; ensuring that I was living up to my expectations and thank you City Academy for developing me into who I am today.I have gained so much knowledge during my time at City Academy and I will forever be grateful for all of my life lessons. Now I will continue my journey at MICDS as a stellar student. Thank you!

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