blog symphony visitsGrammy Award-winning musicians and volunteers from the St. Louis Symphony will visit City Academy second grade students for five music classes this spring.

“The purpose is to expose our students to professional musicians and allow our students to experiment with instruments they have seen these musicians play at Powell Hall,” says Music Teacher Al Fischer.

Lessons focus on the mechanics of the instruments and elements of music. One class focused on trumpets and trombones, the similarities and differences between the two instruments and how they produce sound through vibration.

​“It is a unique experience for the students to hear all of these instruments both together and individually at such close range, especially with professional musicians giving the classes,” says Violin Teacher Laura Reycraft.

One of the first visits included a cellist and double bassist. The students learned how the size of the instrument determines the range of pitches it can play.

“Larger instruments, such as the cello and double bass, play lower notes,” says Reycraft. “Our students weren’t surprised by this, but it was reinforced by the Symphony members who visited.”

The program is funded through a community partnership City Academy has with the symphony’s Symphony in Your School program. As part of the City Academy music curriculum,  students age 5 through 6th grade play the violin.

By Kristen Otto, Communications Coordinator

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