For several families in St. Louis, quality and affordable educational opportunities are out of reach. Like all parents, Tamara and Demetrius want the best for their children. After being disappointed in their neighborhood’s school district, they were thrilled to find an innovative school near their home.

At City Academy, the Thomas family has found a supportive community for their three children: Zuri ’12 (MICDS ’18), Zion ’13 (MICDS ’19), and Zain ’22. “After our initial visit, we knew City Academy’s academic rigor would challenge our children,” recall Demetrius and Tamara. “Since the school offers financial assistance to all families, City Academy was an affordable option for us.”

Zion, Zuri, and Zain

However, the transition to City Academy included some challenges. One early hurdle was Zion’s difficulty with the reading curriculum. With individualized support from the school’s dedicated learning specialist, Zion advanced several reading levels. By fifth grade, Zion was reading The Odyssey and The Iliad.

Zuri and Zion have thrived in secondary school as academic and civic leaders. “The education that City Academy has provided to our three children has far exceeded our expectations,” say Demetrius and Tamara.

Together, we can continue to advance knowledge and transform lives through education. Your gift will support City Academy’s growth now and into the future.

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