We are thrilled to have great partnerships with other private, independent schools in St. Louis including Whitfield School. On Thursday, October 4, 2018, several Whitfield students volunteered their time at City Academy for Whitfield’s community service day. One of the students was City Academy alumnus, Malik Smith ’15 (Whitfield School ’21), who decided to give back to his alma mater.

Whitfield’s annual community service day is a day for all sophomores to volunteer in the St. Louis region.  Volunteers spent the day categorizing new books in the City Academy Library, picking up litter around the outskirts of campus, and helping our Early Childhood students with their writing assignments.

Volunteers with our Early Childhood students

When asked why the students chose to volunteer at City Academy, students stated they wanted to work with Early Childhood students and work outdoors to help clean up the area. One Whitfield student noted, “It means a lot to see the immediate impact we can make.”

Through discussion, we discovered the Whitefield students were learning about sustainability and the impact of recycling in their social studies class. Volunteering at City Academy was their chance to put what they’ve learned into action. We are grateful to have the Whitfield students join us on campus.

Thank you, Whitfield, for giving back to City Academy!

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