“Because I love teaching music and this school has an outrageous commitment to the arts.” – Al Fisher

“I am here because this is a wonderful opportunity to serve the St. Louis community and see children grow and develop. Working in the administrative office, we serve in an important role to support others in their direct work with children. But eating lunch with the children three days per week and seeing them interact with teachers and each other as bright, motivated students with potential has been the highlight of my week. I am looking forward to seeing some of my favorite students mature into young adults and find intellectual and creative satisfaction along the way.” – Zach Linneman

“I am at City Academy because I believe that all students deserve an exceptional education.” – Meghan Taylor

“Forty six years ago, I was born to a single mother on the south side of Chicago. I was extremely fortunate and was able to find an elementary school where caring teachers pushed us to achieve beyond what most thought was possible. Elementary school led to one of the finest high schools in the city; high school led to one of the finest colleges in the country. College prepared me for the world of adult responsibility and the discovery of a wider world people from my neighborhood could never imagine. When looking for a school for my own children, I thought long and hard about the power of a single teacher and the influence of a single school. I wanted to be for others what so many have been for me.  City Academy has given me the curricular freedom to not only teach to the highest standards, but the mandate to perpetually call my students higher. City Academy enables me to the the teacher I dreamt of becoming; the one who changes the trajectory of his student’s lives.” – Kip Warr

“I believe education creates choice and everyone deserves the opportunity to choose their own path in life. The City Academy experience allows our students to discover their passion and gives them the tools to accomplish anything.” – Allison Dodds

“I am where I need to be. I am valued. I am loved. I value what I do, and I love what I do. So to answer the question of why I am here, it’s because I was given the opportunity to be here. I have found the one profession where I can make a genuine and positive difference in someone’s life and they can return that favor right back. I actually look forward to Sunday nights and Monday mornings while the rest of the working world dreads them. ” – Noah Hollenkamp

“At City Academy, I love how the students get frustrated when they don’t understand a concept, and how they are comfortable telling me of their feelings in a respectful manner. I love how they appear to listen when I tell them that frustration is good because it shows they care, and in spite of that frustration, it’s important to remember the goal, regroup and continue to plow through the challenge. I also love how these children approach me to give hugs, or tell jokes, or ask if they can take “just one minute” of class to show me the latest dance moves.” – Stephanie Oteng


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