As I sat on the edge of my seat, hanging on to each word of the beautifully-written and presented speeches of our graduating sixth graders, I was unexpectedly overcome by a wave of feelings and reflections. Just a year and a half before, I was being interviewing by these very students as candidate to be their principal. At the time, I couldn’t help but be captivated by their thoughtful questions, the seriousness in which they took their learning, their understanding of the world, and most notably, the way they interacted with each other and the adults who surrounded them. My time with them convinced me that City Academy was unlike any place I had ever explored.

Having walked with these same students through their culminating year at City, I now better understand why I was so intrigued, and ultimately, inspired by them. Our students are who they are because they are surrounded by a host of immensely caring, thoughtful and affirming teachers, parents, staff members, administrators, volunteers, alumni, classmates and friends, who work in tandem to live out the daring, timely mission of our school. Daily our students are boldly challenged to traverse the peaks and valleys of their journey through City Academy – all for the purpose of preparing them for the inevitable barriers of their lives. With such a firm foundation laid, our sixth graders were able to stand confidently before the graduation audience and speak so transparently and eloquently, so hopefully.

As I took this all in that evening, I could barely contain my great excitement and hope for the work that is yet to be done. Just as we are launching these fourteen scholars into the next phase of their academic lives, we will soon be welcoming a new crop of young scholars and families into the fold. And so the cycle of striving for excellence and change for the betterment of our community will continue and flourish.

 Written by Milton L. Mitchell, Jr. | Principal

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