Determined, thoughtful and compassionate, Najaah is eager to help and always finds a way to bring her kindness into her experiences. The epitome of a scholar-athlete, Najaah has excelled in all areas of her secondary school journey. While she has made her mark in the classroom, her competitive dance career will not play second fiddle. Najaah began to study dance at five years old. She trained and studied for dance with determination and talent, on full display every time she hits the stage.

Najaah has taken her love for dance and married it with her commitment to City Academy. During the summer of 2019, she taught dance to our third grade students. After the six weeks, you could see the admiration the girls had for Najaah, and her, for them. This year, Najaah has volunteered to choreograph a dance for our upcoming “Show Us Some Love” campaign. With close to 100 hours of volunteer service to City Academy, we remain so grateful for all she does to support the school community. Even as she is in the throes of the college admissions process, she continues to make time for others. Additionally, she has supported Girls on the Run and Northside Community School. Najaah is also incredibly active in her MICDS school community. She joined choir as a seventh grader and received the Quincy Jones Eleventh Grade Musicianship Choir Award. She is also a cheerleader and a member of the MICDS Black Student Union (BSU). As Co-lead of the BSU she has collaborated with school leadership on areas important to the members of the school community.

She is passionate in her interests and this carries over into all aspects of her life.  Early on, we knew Najaah’s spirit and search for equality would make her an incredible social justice advocate. She is a convener, collaborator and uniter. Najaah motivates and empowers others to ponder the world around them and then determine ways in which they too can create change. 

Najaah will carry her passion and leadership into her next academic home, as she plans on majoring in Psychology, with a minor in dance. She hopes to then go on to law school, where she will broaden her impact on social justice. We have no doubt she will continue to make a profound impact on the world around her.