“City Academy is a very special place filled with people who care, nurture and support every student who enters their doors. The emphasis in the arts here only strengthens my belief that we are cultivating future leaders. In the words of Arthur O’Shannesy, and the voice of Willie Wonka, ‘We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams.”

Erika Johnson has been actively working in the St. Louis community through the arts and education for over tens years. Ms. Johnson started summer camp with four other artists five years ago (Cherokee Street Reach) and has been an active voice for economic development and sustainability through the arts ever since. Ms. Johnson currently serves on the Board of Directors for the University City Symphony Orchestra and has been an advocate for talented youth for many years.

Erika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration – Marketing and a Masters degree in education with a focus on cultural diversity. AS a professional Jazz musician, Ms. Johnson is a teaching artist who actively practices her artform throughout St. Louis and beyond to support youth and fine arts education.

With the belief that children learn best through creativity and exploration, Erika is constantly searching for best practices that will impact lifelong learning for her students and her passion for teaching is undeniable.

BS, Harris Stowe University