3rd-6th Grade Art Teacher

“My passion for teaching comes from the wonder I experience in the world… the beauty and grace of people I have known or places I have visited. It comes from the joy I experience in the simple, but often elegant sights or occurrences in my life, and my desire to share this joy. There’s just so much great stuff to learn about.”

Prior to joining City Academy as an art teacher, Julie spent 25 years working as a clinical dietitian, and teaching classes in vegetarian cooking, weight loss and healthy lifestyles. For the past 20 years Julie spent her summers teaching art and the study of native plants and ecosystems at St. Louis University High School’s Walkabout Program, an outdoor education program for 12-year-old boys. She also provided private art lessons to homeschooled children in north county St. Louis.

Julie is a member of the Citizen Support and Progress Focus Group (a subgroup of ONE Ferguson), a grassroots organization with the goal of reshaping the city of Ferguson, Missouri and creating a stronger and more unified community. She is also a member of the Northern Arts Council of North St. Louis County, and is a registered dietitian with the American Dietetic Association.

M.S., University of Missouri
B.S., University of Missouri