“We opened City Academy in 1999 with a belief that children, regardless of income or race, will overcome barriers with their determination, their hard work and a support system of exceptional educators with bold expectations.” – Don Danforth III, President & Co-Founder


City Academy transforms children, families and our community through exceptional education and bold expectations that empower children to overcome barriers.


Our students develop a sense of poise and dignity as they discover how to be active members of our community. We believe in instilling a love of learning, a sense of leadership and a sense of responsibility in our students from a young age.

Comprehensive Support

Our students, alumni and families get the support they need to succeed at City Academy, secondary school and beyond. We believe we can have a lasting impact on our students by partnering with their families to encourage and support their quest for academic and personal excellence.

Academic Rigor

With the finest faculty and campus environment, our students are constantly challenged and held to the highest academic standards. We believe an atmosphere of academic rigor is necessary for student success and placement beyond City Academy.


We have an absolute commitment to innovation. To adopt, adapt and create the most effective educational techniques and practices. We believe enthusiastic learning begins with inspired instruction, teachers who are passionate about their subject areas and who possess the flexibility, creativity, and imagination to engage and challenge their students.


We leverage support from the broader community to make City Academy financially accessible for qualified families. We believe a family’s income should not limit a child’s access to great education.